Digital Menus That WORK

Neat Menus was founded by Food and Beverage professionals looking make digital menus a standard in the industry. Poorly executed QR codes are slowing down a great opportunity to implement this great service industry wide

Tested Product

5 months, 25+ venues of testing to develop the product we have today. You can trust that our service will be the most enjoyable for your guests and efficient for your team. This is the result of extensive feedback from restaurant owners and operators in our area.

Seamless & Intuitive Menu Experience

Well executed menus that will increase your sales and speed up guest turn-around times. Neat Menus allows you to showcase all your menus, and gives your guests the ability to seamlesly browse through them.

Faster Service & Turn Around Time

Every menu, at once, throughtout the entire guests experience. A dream? no. When you think about the very complex and old method of offering guests physical menus, is when you start to realize the labor savings this product offers

Putting a PDF on a QR code was not working well for us. Thanks to Neat Menus, we now offer an intuitive menu experience that has been received well by our guests and staff alike”

-Charles D, Food and Beverage Director

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